Is Divorce Mediation a Good Option for Your Divorce?

In cases of past domestic violence, mediation is not recommended. The presence of domestic violence indicates a power imbalance that does not allow for mediation. Both parties need to feel comfortable speaking freely before the mediator as well as each other for mediation to succeed. Communication must be respectful and friendly. The mediator will ensure that this happens. A mediator can help build momentum towards settlements by helping resolve disagreements and highlighting mutually agreed upon areas.

Mediation is not recommended if either spouse fears repercussions or does not feel comfortable speaking up. For mediation to succeed, both spouses must feel comfortable divorce mediation that all assets are disclosed. Mediation is appropriate if both spouses feel that the other spouse isn’t being honest or truthful.

Mediation is an excellent option if your marriage did not include domestic violence and you know the assets of your family. Divorce mediation is not only more flexible, cost-effective and faster than the traditional divorce process, but it also helps couples to end their marriage in a cooperative manner by reducing conflicts. Focus is placed on making joint decisions, rather than fighting each other. Couples who choose to mediate can reduce hostilities, and the level of animosity in their marriage is reduced.

The mediation process makes co-parenting easier after divorce, because parents can create a plan of parenting that’s tailored to meet their needs and timetables. The mediation process also teaches children how to cooperate, so they can see both parents cooperating.

Couples that mediate develop conflict resolution skills, so if there are disagreements later (over child custody, payment, or any other matter), they will already be able to resolve them without having to return to court. Most couples facing divorce will find that mediation can be a good alternative. Speaking with a divorce mediator early on in the separation process could be key in keeping the divorce outside of court and save you thousands in legal costs.

It may not work for all couples, but those who complete it successfully are more likely to be able divorce quicker, cheaper, and in many cases calmer than couples using the conventional divorce process. Divorce mediation, in its simplest form, is the process by which a mediator assists divorcing couples to reach agreements that are mutually beneficial on any divorce issue. In divorce mediation, the spouses take their own decisions and customize their divorce to suit both their needs. The mediator doesn’t decide if someone is right or not. It is up to both spouses to decide whether they want to avoid court and settle their case.

All divorce-related issues are addressed: property division, debt division, support for the spouse, timesharing, custody of children, and support. All agreements are reached in mediation. This means that spouses do not have to enter the courtroom and can avoid conflict and litigation. The mediator can also draft your “Divorce Judgment”, “Divorce Decree”, or other documents to be submitted to court.

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